Britezone Rewards
Your software system was changed back in March to one that we thought would better us as a company and be able to provide different resources for you to be able to purchase wash passes and gift cards online. It did not turn out the way that we hoped so we switched back to our old software company.  Upon the switch we started doing a 10th wash free as the reward versus the points.  The washes will compile based on what wash your receive.  All full service washes will get a wash credit towards the 10th wash free.  The express will not except the platinum and platinum plus.  Once you receive the wash credits then you are eligible to receive a free wash up to the $22.00 Supreme Deal Wash.  

The points that you accumulated are still good and can be redeemed until the end of July 31, 2017.

100 points for a full service 
400 points for Super Clean or Hand Wash